Our Story

The Idea

Handy Hats was founded by Danielle Ruffolo, a student at the University of Dayton in Dayton, Ohio during her sophomore year. The idea was originally pitched as a part of the Sophomore Experience class for Entrepreneurship majors that she was in. After the idea was pitched to the class in a sixty second elevator pitch, Handy Hats was voted and selected by her fellow classmates to be created into an on-campus micro business. After recruiting fellow classmates to be a part of her team, the Handy Hats journey launched.

After weeks of hard work and collaboration, Handy Hats was created. The truly unique and patented feature of each Handy Hat, is that it contains a pouch that readily stores any small items that are essential to living out your daily life such as a set of keys, cash, credit cards, an ID or even chapstick -  the options are endless.




Style & Quality

Handy Hats are the stylish and hands free way to conceal your everyday essentials. With its unique and innovative design, the hat's inner pouch can hold all of your most important items like: cash, credit cards, IDs, or even house keys. Unlike other pocket-like products, the patented Handy Hat's pouch is light weight and keeps all items securely in place with a velcro closure.


The inner pocket pouch has a very unique design. The pouch comes in a variety of colors based on the style and model of hat. Each pouch is handmade; made of an extremely stretchy material which allows for maximum holding capacity while still maintaining a lightweight hat.